Import Links with Excel

On the Links Index Page, there is an “Excel” button, next to the “Create Link” button at the top right of the page. When this button is clicked, an “Import Excel File” popup will open on the screen.

In this popup, “Click to Save Example Excel Document.” text will appear. When you click on the text, a document with .xlsx extension will be downloaded to your local computer.

 When you open the downloaded document, you will see the sample Excel structure inside. While uploading a link with Excel, you cannot upload images, you can only place the links of images on the Web in the “ImageUrl” field. In the “Link” field, the url to be directed when clicked is entered, and the description information is entered in the “Description” field.

Import Excel File Popup
Figure 44: Import Excel File Popup
Sample Excel File
Figure 45: Sample Excel File
Sample Excel File Content
Figure 46: Sample Excel File Content

After the document is edited, as shown in Figure 44, the relevant document is selected by clicking the “Select File” button. The selected document is imported by clicking the “Import” button.

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