Creating a Subscriber

The Subscriber Creation Page can be accessed by clicking the “Create Subscriber” button at the top right of the subscriber list on the Subscriber Index Page. As seen in Figure 22 in the Subscriber Adding Page form;

  • Subscriber’s name,
  • Subscriber’s surname,
  • Subscriber’s mobile phone,
  • Subscriber’s e-mail address,
  • Subscriber’s profile photo,
  • Subscriber’s Twitter username,
  • Subscriber’s Facebook username,
  • A note field where you can enter additional information about the subscriber,
  • A tag field where you can assign tags for the subscriber,
  • Subscriber’s membership information

are available. After these fields are filled, you can create a subscriber by clicking the “Create Subscriber” button, or if you want to return to the subscriber list without creating subscribers, you can click the “Back to the List” button.

Creating a Subscriber
Figure 22: Creating a Subscriber

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