Creating a Smart Reply

Smart Reply Insert Page can be accessed by clicking the “Create Smart Reply” button at the top right of the smart replies list on the Smart Replies Index Page. As seen in Figure 26 on the Smart Replies Insert Page form;

  • “When File Comes in Send to Smart Hook” checkbox,
  • The pattern in which the smart reply is detected (Pattern),
  • The answer to which the smart reply will return (Answer),
  • Smart reply activity checkbox,
  • “Compare all letters of the smart reply pattern” checkbox (Match case),
  • “Compare the whole word typed in the smart reply pattern” checkbox (Match whole word),
  • “Use Regular Expressions” checkbox,
  • A selection list from which we can select the smart message settings that we can add from the Smart Hook module.

are available. After these fields are filled, you can click the “Create Smart Reply” button to create a smart reply or if you want to return to the smart reply list without creating a smart answer, you can click the “Back to the List” button.

Smart Reply Insert Page
Figure 26: Smart Reply Insert Page

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