2. Creating a Dynamics 365 CE and Power Platform Setting

The Dynamics Settings Insert popup can be accessed by clicking the “Create” button at the top right of the list on the Dynamics Settings Index Page. As seen in Figure 74 in the Dynamics Setting Insert form;

–           Dynamics Organization ID Number,

–           Dynamics Organization Name,

–           Dynamics URL,

–           Dynamics Username

–           Dynamics Password

–           “Sending conversations to Dynamics?” checkbox

Fields are available. Dynamics Organization Id, Dynamics Organization Name, Dynamics Url fields must be filled with the information of the Microsoft Dynamics 365 account you are using. Dynamics Username and Dynamics User Password fields must be filled with the username and password you created for Flexxii in your Microsoft Dynamics 365 account. “Sending conversations to Dynamics?” option is the field where you can choose whether to send conversations in Flexxii to Dynamics.

Dynamics Setting Insert Form
Dynamics Setting Insert Form

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