Configuration of the Call Channel

In order to make a call in the “Calls” module, it is necessary to define a channel in the “Twilio Phone Call” channel type from the “Channel Accounts” module. In the absence of this channel, the functions of the “Calls” module will not work.

               To create a “Twilio Phone” type channel account, select “Administration” from the menu and click on the “Channel Accounts” tab. Click the “Create Channel Account” button at the top right of the Channel Accounts Index Page. In the screen that opens, if the channel type “Twilio Phone Call” is selected, all the fields required for configuration will be displayed. If you enter your Twilio phone number in the “Identifier” field and then enter the identifier integration information provided to you by Twilio, your channel will be successfully configured and created.

Creating and Configuring Call Channel
Creating and Configuring Call Channel

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