Smart Buttons

In Flexxii, when the details of any conversation are opened from the conversation list of the "Inbox" module, a maximum of three buttons can be created in the right part of the conversation history and can be customized as desired by writing Javascript. You can synchronize the information in the conversations made through these buttons and your customized Javascript code with your own system or create information buttons that Flexxii panel users can benefit from. By opening IFrame, you can enable the user in the panel to see an external web page. Smart buttons belong to conversation as parameters;
  • Conversation’s unique identity number (conversationid),
  • Unique identity number of the speaking subscriber (subscriberid),
  • Phone number information in the conversation (conversationPhoneNumber),
  • E-mail address of the subscriber (email),
  • Subscriber's Twitter username (twitter),
  • Subscriber's Facebook username (facebook)
can send. Figure 47: Smart Buttons in the Inbox module.