It is the module where new messages are displayed and agents communicate with customers. In addition, agents can view subscribers’ information and documents sent from customers in conversations on this page.

In this module, the new conversations and the conversations received by the panel user who logged in are located on the left side of the screen.

While the conversations assigned to the logged-in user are displayed in the "Yours" tab, the conversations that have not yet been assigned to any user are displayed in the "Waiting" tab. When the panel user clicks on a conversation in waiting status, the conversation is assigned to it. When the user re-enters the Inbox, they will see this conversation under the "Yours" tab.

From the box on the right side of the conversation, you can select "Is Smart Reply enabled?" option.  When this setting is active, "Smart Replies" defined in the system are active in customer calls. This setting is active when the conversation comes to the system for the first time.

At the bottom of the conversation list, there are page change buttons and a selection list where we can choose how many conversations will appear in the conversation list.

Under the tabs, from left to right, there are "Refresh", "Add to Archive" and "Add to Deleted" buttons. “Refresh” button refreshes the page. The Add to Archive button adds the selected conversations to the Archived Conversations page via the selection box on the left of the conversations. The "Deleted" button adds the selected conversations to the Deleted Conversations page.

Below these buttons is a search text box and button. Searches conversations in the inbox and lists the results.